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Mattress Covers

Twin 39"x75"
Twin XL 39"x80"
Double 54"x75"
Double XL 54"x80"
Queen 60"x80"
King 76"x80"




Rest-Guard Dulexe Mattress/Pillow (Fully Enclosed) Covers - Product Description

Unique Design | Sizes Available | Care Instructions

How do you install a fully enclosed mattress cover on to a Mattress?

Why the use of a mattress cover is recommended for bed bug control?

What if my Mattress/Boxspring is already infested with Bed Bugs?

Baby Crib Mattress Cover/Protector

Rest-Guard Deluxe (Fully Enclosed) Mattress/Pillow Covers - Product Description

The Rest-Guard Deluxe fully enclosed covers are manufactured from a unique fabric called a fluff fabric, which are made of a 100% high quality cotton blend. These covers have no seams, pockets or folds for bedbugs to hide in and lay their eggs, and are specifically designed to block out all allergens, and most other particles as small as cat dander, unlike sheets, they encase and protect the entire mattress and zip up tightly. Used beneath your regular bedding, our fully enclosed mattress covers will not only silently and invisibly protect against all allergens, but any soiling or liquid spills that might occur on the mattress through regular use as well.

Additionally, the Rest-Guard encasings can be used for bed bug protection**. Independent test data proved bed bugs and their eggs could not get through our fabrics or zippers. They offer complete protection while remaining soft and breathable beneath your sheets, so you always sleep comfortably. And we take extra care in the design and construction of Rest-Guard encasings with features such as concealed zippers and a waterproof, shrink-proof polyurethane backing which will give them a perfect fit even after repeated washings. We believe you won't find a finer, more comfortable encasing anywhere at any price. Mean pore size of 1.2 microns. 5-Year Warranty.

Rest Guard Pillow Protector
Taperly now sells a pillow cover which is waterproof, dust mite & bedbug proof. Size available: 21"x30".

If you are having a Bedbug problem, contact us for the nearest Rest-Guard Deluxe dealer.

Save your mattress & box-springs by Protecting them from future infestation with our Rest-Guard Fully-enclosed covers.

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Unique Design

The Bed Bug Blocker design incorporates a 3-sided zipper operation with a re-enforced zipper liner which also comes with our unique bug blocker patch which is located at the end stop were the zipper closes, this provides added protection even if the zipper is left open by a few teeth for an effective barrier and peace of mind against Bed Bugs, dust-mites and allergens and is also 100% waterproof. Our fabric is also soft & smooth to the touch, which makes the covers very comfortable to sleep on.

  • 3 Sided zipper design for easy installation & Removal, which fully-encases the Mattress or Box spring.
  • Designed with 100% cotton fluff fabric top for total comfort with a waterproof polyurethane backing which prevents all mattress stains and the transfer of moisture between the mattress and body.
  • Can be Machine washed at high temperature and tumble dried at a low heat setting.
  • Proven protection against Bedwetting problems.
  • Breathable backing for Superior Comfort, which is both waterproof & moisture Absorbent.
  • Designed to fit most mattresses' including deep pillow-top beds.
  • 5 year warranty against defect in workmanship and materials

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Sizes Available

39"x75" 39"x80" 54"x75" 54"x80" 60"x80" 76"x80"

Note: Some mattress cover sizes come with a breatheable non-waterproof stretch fabric bottom.
** XL Sizes can be custom ordered, please contact Taperly for details.

Note: Skirt sizes for our fully-enclosed mattress covers come in 10" & 12" skirt depths and our fully-enclosed mattress covers with a 10" skirt will fit on mattresses up to 14" in depth. Our fully-enclosed mattress covers with a 12" skirt will fit on mattresses up to 16" in depth.

We also carry a fully-enclosed Futon mattress protector.

The Rest-Guard Futon Mattress Protector is a fully enclosed cover, which is waterproof, and dust-mite proof, this cover is similar to our Rest-Guard deluxe mattress cover, except it comes with a U-Shaped zipper located at one end of the cover, and comes with the terry-cloth outer lining with the same polyurethane inner liner. It comes in the Twin and Double size only, Actual dimensions are: Twin size: 39"x75"x7" and Double Size: 54"x75"x7", however custom sizes maybe ordered, please contact us with sizes needed for a quote.

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Unique Design

Our Rest-Guard covers allows the mattress to breathe thanks to our unique bottom stretchmembrane fabric which permitsmoisture to escape while still being waterproof.

Directions for use: Apply the Protector over the mattress with cotton side up and to the outside with the laminated( Waterproof ) side on the inside. The Laminated side should touch the top of the mattress and the stretch non-laminated slides under the bottom of the mattress. 

Wash & Care instructions: Our covers are a low maintenanceprotector which acts as a second skin for your mattress, normally you would place our covers over the mattress and leave on the mattress permanently only removing when soiled. If washing is required, simply remove and wash in warm water with other garments such as regular sheets or bedding, We also recommend using a special laundry detergent for allergy sufferers. Tumble dry on the LOWEST heat setting. Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or overheat.

Please Note: the bed bug fully-enclosed mattress cover will remain effective only as long as it is not ripped or torn in any way, so if your bed frame has any sharp edges, bolts, or other protrusions that might damage the cover, it would be wise to install felt covers over sharp edges or install additional padding.

Note: If the above care instructions are not followed this can or will void the warranty.

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How do you install a fully enclosed mattress cover on to a Mattress?

A fully enclosed mattress cover can be a little difficult to put on, but if two people work together the task will be much easier - one person should hold the mattress up, while the other person pulls on the cover. Then zip it up to seal completely for total bed bug protection.

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Why the use of a mattress cover is recommended for bed bug control?

Bed Bugs have become a huge threat once again and are now at their highest levels in years! With more people traveling then ever before, the spread continues to increase. In the last five years there has been a resurgence. Bed bugs have become a particular problem in hotels, motels, and hostels where there is a high rate of occupant turnover. Even five star hotels are having problems with bed bugs. Bed Bugs can be up to a 1/4in in size and love to live and breed in both mattresses & Box springs. No insecticticides are labelled for use on Mattress’s or bed linens; this makes it more difficult to treat them.

Health professionals & pest control companies have recommended Bed Bug Mattress Covers as part of a complete bed bug treatment program. Note; Infested areas of your home will still need to be treated. A Bedbug's main area for breeding is the mattress and box spring, you can simply enclose these critical areas, which will trap any existing bed bugs and they will eventually die. In addition, this will save you money, because you do not have to discard an infested Bed set. Also, if in the future you should develop a Bedbug infestation again, you simply need to just vacuum your mattress & Box spring, before pest control treatment. The main breeding ground for bed bugs would be protected, and so would your mattress investment.

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What if my Mattress/Boxspring is already infested with Bed-Bugs?

The Rest-Guard Deluxe Bed Bug Mattress Covers are made of a space age high quality 100% cotton fluff fabric and are ideal for protecting mattresses & Box springs against bed bugs, allergens, dust mites, liquid spills & over night accidents. These high-quality mattress protectors can be used in hotels, motels, cottages, apartment buildings, hostels and homes and have been tested & certified to be bed-beg proof. Any bed bugs you seal up in the Rest-Guard "Fully-enclosed" mattress covers will be trapped inside and will not be able to escape and will eventually die, the reason is because the inside of our covers are specially designed with a waterproof polyurethane backing on all six sides and have a re-enforced zipper liner which have smaller teeth, this prevents bedbugs and their eggs from escaping through the zipper teeth, which means you will not have to dis-guard your bed bug infested mattress or Box spring.

We recommend keeping the mattress covers intact for at least 12 months (bed bugs can live a very long time without feeding). The bed bugs and eggs inside will die, and the mattress is protected from further infestation.

** Note: For cleaning & hygienic reasons, we suggest purchasing the Rest-Guard Fitted sheet Mattress protector, and place this cover over the fully-enclosed cover, simply remove the fitted sheet protector cover every 2-3 weeks and machine wash & dry as mentioned above and replace for continued protection.

** Note: Mattress covers can only trap bed bugs that are hiding on your mattress. You should also fully enclose your box spring as well to complete your bedding protection for both bed bugs and allergens. However, these covers will not protect you from other bed bugs hiding in your bedroom. For complete elimination of bed bugs from your bedroom and your home, you will need to contact a pest extermination specialist who understands how to rid your home of bed bugs.

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Baby Crib Mattress Cover/Protector

Babies spend a lot of time in their cribs and scientific studies have shown that if you protect them from dust mites and allergens in their sleep environment, you can meaningfully reduce the possibility of your child developing serious allergies, asthma and other health issues as they grow, you can ensure your little ones have the best in protection with the Rest-Guard Crib Mattress Cover. Made from a breathable cotton/poly fabric, the protector will allow them to sleep soundly while being in a safe environment.



  • Designed as a fully enclosed mattress cover
  • Has a absorbent, waterproof, and anti-allergy barrier
  • Has a breathable barrier fabric
  • Ideal for keeping your baby's bedding clean and hygienic
  • Effective at preventing bacteria and dust mites from breeding
  • Non Toxic
  • Cover is machine washable and can be tumble-dried on low heat or air dry setting
  • Controls Allergies for Better Health
  • Anti-Bacterial Barrier
  • 100% Waterproof Protection
  • Simple Care Zippered Mattress Cover, which has a U-shaped zipper at one end of cover for easy installation
  • Guarantee: 5 years against fabric and manufacturing defect only


  • Top Fabric - 85% Cotton / 15% polyester
  • Top Film - 100% polyurethane
  • Crib Protector Dimensions: 5" H x 52" W x 28" D

For a complete effective allergy prevention program:


Use & Care Guide for Baby Crib Cover/Protector:
Wash the Rest-Guard cover before the first use to maximize comfort. Place the Rest-Guard zippered encasings over your baby's crib bare mattress and under their regular sheets and bedding for complete protection.

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